Dr Rohan Khandelwal Smash Surgery Workbook

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Workbook is out of stocks . Next stock will be available after March 20,2019 . However Workbook will be made available for  Smash Surgery classes March 11 – 15 @ New Delhi ( )

PLZ NOTE DISPATCH OF BOOKS will Start from March 10,2019 . Once books are dispatched , Courier Tracking details will be sent as SMS to your registered mobile numbers

SMASH Surgery Workbook

This 235 page booklet contains the images/ tables/ classifications which are discussed in Dr. Rohan Khandelwal’s #SMASH Surgery Class/ video lectures. It is an effort to reduce the amount of content which the student has to write during the class. Also, it saves time for the student, as he/she doesn’t have to click pictures during the session. Book contains enough free space for students to make notes and it eliminates the need of having a separate  register for surgery.

Who will benefit from the book?-

Students attending the #SMASH Surgery classes (complimentary copy will be provided)- Those students who are watching Dr. Rohan’s videos and want a structured way of making notes along with images/tables which he discusses in the class

THIS BOOKLET DOES NOT CONTAIN DETAILED NOTES/ QUESTIONS – so if you are interested in those, this booklet is not meant for you


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