Dear Doctors,                                      

                  We are glad to welcome you in our ADrPlexus network. It is wonderful having you as one of our Professional peer. We grow only because we found some great friends like you who have given us overwhelming support along the way. ADrPlexus is established with the following aims:

  • To identify, recognize and enhance the characteristic features and strengths of medical education.

  • To share information and experience about Post Graduate medical education.

There is no doubt in my mind that Members of ADrPlexus are committed in their mission towards POST GRADUATE medical education, and that they strive to enhance their task through learning from each other. While trade is globalized, so will medicine. Medical education is a continuum from undergraduate to postgraduate, and such alignment is important in the development of the medical profession. I can visualize that ADrPlexus can take a lead in activities conducive to achieving this goal. This essentially involves the deciphering of hidden potential in the aspirants to make their destination more comfortable and reliable. As ADrPlexus is formed by a synapse of excellent medical faculties, it is possible for students to exchange their Knowledge, so that their learning, experience and vision will be broadened and their career paths can be assured with 100% success rate.

Ever since its launch, The response to the ADrPlexus Medical Coaching Program has been overwhelming. We take this opportunity to thank all the faculty members and invitees for their participation. I would like to thank each and every member of the team for their relentless support to this academic program. Once again, I welcome you all and wish you a grand success in your field of interest.

My best wishes to all of you for a happy and meaningful New Year 2019.

Thank you,

Dr Bhagya Meena Jeyapal

Director ADrPlexus Medical Coaching centre.