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*Inclusive of 18% GST on coaching fees

*Inclusive of Materials Provided by JBM

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1.    What is the Duration of the Regular Course Program ?

Regular Course has been effectively structured as a 90 Days Programme ( Live Classes , CBT Exams  & Revision Classes ) which runs for 6 Months . Each Month 3 Major Subjects and 1 Minor Subject will be covered . So Basically 19 Subjects will be covered in 4 ½ months  + 1 ½ Month of Revision Test Series and Discussion Classes.

2.    What is the course Schedule and when it will be updated to Doctors ?

Course Schedule is effectively designed 6 Months prior to the commencement of the session . Since Most of the faculties are top most faculties , their dates are booked for a year by all coaching centres. We usually update 3 months class schedule on the first day of the class.

3.    Why Classes are held on Weekdays ?

AdrPlexus was started in the year 2008 and we used to schedule classes only on Sundays and 2nd Saturdays ( Roughly 35-40 Days Classes ) . But as we evolved , We found that Effective preparation for securing success in PGMEE exams comes through subject wise preparation and to give an extra-edge subject wise preparation we decided to modify the regular classes as given in the above course module table Each Week one Subject , followed by an Evaluation Exam Ideally we have only 24 Weeks , which means we have only 24 weeks to cover 19 Subjects and we conduct only few classes in the month of MAY because of AIIMS , PGI and JIPMER. If we have to conduct classes only on weekends , we need atleast 10 months to complete the whole schedule as per the table ( which will take atleast NOV 2017 to complete the whole portion ).  This is the main reason why we admit only Doctors who have completed CRRI into our programs. Most coaching centres will finish their program only in the month of October/ November which means you have very less time for revision but At ADrPlexus Digital Strides We Ideally finish our Program in the 1st Week of August giving you adequate time for revision.  

4.    Why Number of classes ( @ ADrPlexus there will be 70 Live Lectures ) are High as compared to other Coaching Programs (Maximum 50 Days in Most Coaching Centres )?

Number of Days in a coaching program is purely based on the recommendations of a faculty and MCQ Weightage of the particular subject for an exam.* For Eg , Biochemistry was taught for 3 days till 2016 , Now we have increased it to 4 days.* Most of our toppers from 2016 have read only the class notes given by our faculties . As the dependency on class notes is getting higher , we need to increase the number of classes for our regular course program .

5.    Do We club Crash course classes with Regular Course classes?

This is One of the MYTHS about ADrPlexus spread by the competitors. 

Course Module of a crash course and regular module is totally different. Crash Courses run continuously for 35-40 days without any interruption whereas regular course works on the following principle "Each Week one Subject , followed by an Evaluation Exam" .Classes for Crash course starts at 8am and finishes by 7pm . Sometimes it might extend till 10 pm  Whereas Regular classes will be held from 9pm – 6:30 pm. Crash courses are ideally suited for candidates who have already prepared for 6 months and classes are based on High Yielding Topics ( 2400 Topics ) whereas Regular Courses are ideally suited for freshers and each subject is taught from basics to recent trends ( Around 3750 Topics ). 7 classes are common for both crash course and regular courses ( 1. Psychiatry 2. PSM 3. Surgery 4. Physiology 5. Pathology 6. Individual Medicine classes 7. Pediatrics) which means there is no difference in the way a faculty is going to teach for both the sessions whereas the rest of the 12 subjects are run as revision classes for crash course batches ( For eg : Biochemistry in 1 ½ days , Medicine 4 days , Ophthal 1 day , Anatomy 2 days).

6. What if I miss a class ?

At any point of time ,we run three simultaneous schedules in different Venues . If you miss a class , please inform student co-ordinator and he will help you out in arranging class without affecting your ongoing regular schedules.

7.    When will I get my SUBJECT Wise Books ?

Most of the authors are coming up with New Edition of Books with Updated NEET-PG 2016 Questions in the month of March and April . We will issue the Books once , the author books are available in the market

There will be any FAQ’s which will be discussed during the orientation class and definitely we will work together to give each and everyone a highly productive session with appropriate planning strategies to put you on track to success. For Regular Course Related Queries Please Call 8220-345678 Extension 1 or 9841012335 or 9366772222