This Section contains motivational and inspirational interviews of our Toppers.

Take a moment to browse around, grab your favorite beverage and bask in the warmth of these beautiful Interviews. Take away a lesson, some inspiration and let yourself believe that you have the full right to go after your heart’s desires and dreams!


Dr Arnav Aggarwal




I joined Test Series (AIIMS, PGI and JIPMER) from ADrPlexus Digital Strides. The Questions were really nice plus the idea of giving the exam on computer will help you accustom to the exam environment very well. As ADrPlexus Digital Strides conducts these tests all over India, you can judge your approximate rank among the best in the country. one more thing I would like to emphasise is that they promptly review if you mark any question for doubt and reply it very soon. 


Dr G. S. Ram Prabhu




I did my regular course from ADrPlexus Digital Strides,Chennai. One of the best thing about the institute is the co ordinator Dr Arun Kumar who is very much approachable and his strategy classes for central institute exams were very much useful. And your feedback are always given due respect and necessary changes are made. Classes by faculties helped me strengthen my concepts and build strong basics.





Dr Faththur Rabbani

NOV PGI 2018 RANK  - 18 (OBC)

NOV AIIMS 2018 RANK - 76


ADrPlexus Digital Strides Good inspirational mentors.  My aim is to do post ggraduation in Pgimer. that aim I made  after attending the classes by Dr.seran reddy. I feel that's important more than teaching. All centres are doing this teaching. But what's more important than that is, the inspiration and to give confidence. It' 's one of the best highlights of  ADrPlexus Digital Strides. To make someone believe in themselves  that they can achieve.




Dr Dharshan B

NOV PGI 2018 RANK 48



ADrPlexus Digital Strides is one the finest of its kind available in Chennai.

The best thing about ADrPlexus Digital Strides is it's faculties. The are simply the best.

Another added advantage is that they finish the classes quick and on time, giving us a lot of time for revision.

The mocks and tests available in ADrPlexus Digital Strides are good especially for PGI as they simulate the real pattern of OMr sheet based exam.


Dr Arvind Bhargav




The Teaching Faculty in ADrPlexus Digital Strides Plexus is very good and so the class notes are well structured and to the point. The classes are conducted according to schedule which makes planning our preparation easier.


Dr M. Sujatha

NOV PGI 2018 RANK 139

NOV AIIMS 2018 RANK 143 




I had enrolled myself for the Comprehensive Test Series. The ADrPlexus online question bank was my sole source of practice for the PGI entrance exam. The level of difficulty of the questions provided were similar to the actual exam. The mock tests provided a fair prediction of the exam results. The explanations to the answers are well researched, with concise, sufficient and quality information. It is a good resource for PGI prep and I would easily recommend this to anyone considering the PGI examination seriously.








I am student of ADR target central institutes crash course. For cracking central institutes you need a strong knowledge in basic concepts and a sound approach to the exam , both of which was provided by ADR plexus.. The faculties for this course were top notch and they have prepared their classes especially for central institutes. The most important class was the PGI strategy class by DR. Arun Kumar sir , which made me understand the rules of PGI exam and play according to it . ADR plexus will turn your hard work into smart work !!!  This is what made me achieve this feat.


Dr. Lokhesh C A




Hello, I am Lokhesh, student of Coimbatore Medical College. I have secured rank 24 in PGI, rank 27 in AIIMS and rank 58 in JIPMER. When I joined ADRPLEXUS test series, in Jan 2018,I was bereft on confidence after having attended the institute exams in November. I hadn’t practiced tests before those exams and I was particularly motivated to joining a test series and I heard ADRPLEXUS test series was always a very challenging one. My aim was to get into PGI and I joined both PGI test series and AIIMS subject wise tesseries. ADRPLEXUS provides one of the toughest PGI mock tests I have ever attended

Dr. Dilip Kumar 



First of all I would like to thank my seniors for guiding me to join ADr plexus...for me ADr plexus played a important role in my success...Faculties were best and there was constant support in every aspect from Dr. Arun Kumar sir for getting the best from each one of us. It’s the best when it comes to institute exams.



NEET  2017 RANK- 40

A very friendly place to get ourselves prepared for the NEET race. The faculty, the perfect scheduling of classes, highly useful test series à All make ADrPlexus one of the best places for the preparation. Dr.Arunkumar sir is more of a friend, who keeps us motivated all the time. NEET can be considered as a sprint as well as a marathon. We have to be fast and consistent at the same time. And that’s what ADrPlexus prepares us for!

Dr.Alfred Thomas 

NEET 2017 Rank - 34​​​​​​​

I want to thank ADrPlexus for their efforts in bringing together the best possible combination of teachers. I had to “memorize” many concepts while I was in MBBS, and I would forget them after the final exams. After attending the ADrPlexus classes, I “understood” those concepts and I am sure that I will never forget them. I also want to thank Dr. Arun Kumar Sir for guiding me well.

Dr. Soumalya Chakraborty

PGI NOV 2017 Rank 19,


ADrPlexus is  one of the must do test series for PGI Chandigarh exam.The question papers very well simulate the actual exam and practising the tests provides much needed rehearsel for the actual exam.The aiims and jipmer test series are also very good.

Dr. Ramesh N

PGI NOV 2017 RANK –16(OBC)


Adrplexus Digital Strides is the best coaching institute in all aspects coaching, strategies and mock exams and they guided us from the start to the end... Especially Dr. Arun sir guided us a lot in all aspects


   JIPMER NOV 2017 RANK - 35

I honestly thank Adrplexus Digital Strides for this achievement.. Adrplexus Digital Strides is the best Coaching Centre that will stand with you and keep motivating you till the day you get your PG Seat

      DR. MADHUSUDHAN                          NAGESH

   NIMHANS 2017 RANK - 2 

ADrPLEXUS DIGITAL STRIDES NIMHANS CRASH COURSE helped me streamline my Neuro oriented preparation for the exam. All the classes taken during this program focus particularly on the type of topics asked in NIMHANS. They are very dedicated and are the best at this. Attending this program is one of the reason I could get this rank. Special Mention to Dr. Arun sir, Dr. Sharath Balaji and Dr. Krishna Das.Their concept teaching is amazing and there were many direct questions from their class notes.


PGI NOV 2017 RANK – 19


I’m Dhvani Raithatha and I was a test series student with Adrplexus Digital Strides (AIIMS/PGI/JIPMER test series)  The tests were simulation of the real test. And I loved reading your answer key. The answers were explained very well and rest of the options ruled out. Also, important topics related to the question were added for you to go through.


PGI NOV 2017 RANK – 22

JIPMER NOV 2017 RANK - 274

Adrplexus Digital Strides test series best for central Institutes. Questions reflect recent exam, Patten most useful for central Institutes

PGI MAY 2017 – 6

JIPMER MAY 2017 – 34 

Honestly as far as I have seen the coaching center which arranges best faculties for all subjects in affordable cost is undoubtedly ADRPLEXUS...after my horrible NEET results, I asked my seniors they told me to join ADRPLEXUS DIGITAL STRIDES CRASH COURSE. 

PGI MAY 2017 – 7
AIIMS MAY 2017 – 1

ADrPLEXUS DIGITAL STRIDES test series helped me assess, analyses and improve my preparation. It helped me visualize where I stood in the crowd and the weak areas I could work upon to improve my rank. A judicious mix of repeated topics, expected questions and concept based questions make these tests a must for any PGI Aspirant.

DR. Akshaya

PGI MAY 2017 – 7(OBC)

AIIMS MAY 2017 – 60

JIPMER MAY 2017 – 7(Gen)  1(OBC)

ADrPlexus Digital Strieds is a group of highly dedicated and sincere people who are quite motivated to help us succeed in the PG entrance exams. I was lucky to have been taught by the best faculty in each subject, thanks to ADrPlexus. They took a lot of care and extra effort to make the subject easy for us.

Dr. Dhayalink R. K


Jipmer Nov'16 


ADr PLEXUS is always the best choice for any PG preparations..especially for central institutes...Dr,Arun Kumar Sir is the greatest moral support, wonderful teacher , mentor nd a well wisher...all faculties are materials and test series are complete nd very useful...The standard of the mock tests and the explanations are so good

Dr. Adrian Keith Noronha

PGI Nov'16 Rank - 41

JIPMER Nov'16 Rank - 30

AIIMS Nov'16 Rank - 50

ADrPlexus is a wonderful platform to learn the basic concepts and it helps us have an edge in all the exams especially in the Institute Exams. The faculty is amazing and more so Dr. Arun Kumar the coordinator is a wonderful human being and makes sure he receives feedback about every faculty in order to deliver the best to his students !


Dr. Chandni Jay

AIPGMEE Nov'16 - 526


Choosing ADr PLEXUS for my PG preparation was one of the best decisions I made..All faculties were excellent & especially DR.ARUN sir who guided and motivated us throughout..The study materials provided by ADr plexus was really helpful. 


​​​​​​​PGI Nov'15 Rank - 8

Jipmer Nov'15 Rank - 4

The ADr Plexus Digital Strides facility at the Thrissur centre is really good.  I was fortunate to attend Individual classes arranged by Adrplexus Digital Strides in thrissur. The Class Was Very Useful to clarify tough concepts and to answer new questions


PGI Nov'15 Rank - 9​​​​​​​


ADr PLEXUS DIGITAL STRIDES, I believe is the best coaching out there, if you’re targeting PGI. The mock papers are really simulating the actual PGI exams, with just the perfect admixture of new and repeats.


​​​​​​​PGI Nov'15 Rank - 11

I had been attending ADrPLEXUS DIGITAL STRIDES PGI Mock since March.. Adrplexus digital strides mock series very much useful for self assessment... Since mock covers the recent questions, it helped me to orient myself towards different exams



PGI Nov'15 Rank - 54

AIIMS Nov'15 Rank - 149

ADrPlexus Digital Strides helped me to get tuned to the format of the exam and time management which is a very important aspect of PGI Chandigarh. It also helped me realize my weak points and important topics for the exams



PGI Nov'15 Rank - 14

AIIMS Nov'15 Rank - 181

ADrplexus played very key role in my PGI Preparation. PGI mock tests for which I have applied were very helpful in planning strategy for the exam, and I advise my friends and others planning to write PGI to take Adrplexus Tests.



PGI May'16 Rank - 12 

AIIMS May'16 Rank - 67​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

I joined the integrated crash coarse organized by ADrplexus Digital Strides conducted in march and it was a very concise and focused revision that was very much required for someone like me who had already some exposure 


PGI May'16 Rank - 43

JIPMER May'16 Rank - 13

ADrplexus Digital Strides is a wonderful coaching institute esp for central institutions exams. I had joined central institutions course of May 2016 exams in Adrplexus. 


PGI May'16 Rank - 18 

JIMPER May'16 Rank - 64 

ADrPLEXUS Target May 2016 Central Institutes course is tailor made in such a way that most of the important and frequently repeated topics and concepts are stressed upon. 


PGI May'16 Rank - 4

Coaching institute with GOOD STANDARDS Scoring a good rank in central institute needs strong knowledge in basics, good schedule for learning and sound approach to the exam. 



PGI May'16 Rank - 9

JIPMER May'16 Rank - 211

ADrplexus Digital Strides is a gem of institute. I am very happy with the way ADrplexus Digital Strides is helping the students. I am benefited from Adrplexus Digital Strides. I strongly recommend Adrplexus Digital Strides to all those who want to crack central institute exams.



PGI May'16 Rank - 19 

JIMPER May'16 Rank - 26 

I wrote ADR plexus Test series. They helped me a lot in getting familiar with the exam pattern and to concentrate more on the frequently asked topics in PGI exam. The explanations include a lot of information and are very authentic.



PGI May'15 Rank - 122


ADrPlexus contributes to a major share in my success. After completing my subject wise preparation i was a bit worried On how to revise that wast syllabus... Dn one of my seniors who got paediatrics in pgi suggested me to join adrplexus .


PGI May'15 Rank - 73

AIIMS May'15 Rank - 19

I just used the tablet provided by ADr Plexus loaded with the impeccable study material that helped me a lot for my quick revision.


PGI May'15 Rank - 11 

JIMPER May'15 Rank - 25 ​​​​​​​

ADr PLEXUS Mock test was very helpful to me and guarantee whoever takes the mock test seriously, they will be benefited.


PGI May'15 Rank - 31 

JIMPER May'15 Rank - 159 

ADrPlexus was extremely helpful in my preparation for PGI. The mock tests were extremely well prepared and were extremely representative of the actual exam. 


PGI May'15 Rank - 66

AIIMS May'15 Rank - 69​​​​​​​

ADrPlexus proved to be an excellent medium for my revision, correcting my mistakes filling the deficiency in my knowledge. I owe my success to the Adr teachers.


PGI May'15 Rank - 117 

AIIMS May'15 Rank - 277 ​​​​​​​

I took test series of ADrPlexus and gave pgimer mock exams for two months just after completing my internship.  The papers help to get familiar with pgi pattern of questions and are very helpful.


PGI May'15 Rank - 4 

AIIMS May'15 Rank - 80​​​​​​​

The PGI exams are excellent to build a strategy. PGI is all about making a favourable balance between the positives and negatives, and ADrPlexus helped to achieve just that

Dr SNEHA KAMATH ​​​​​​​ 

PGI May'15 Rank - 113

AIIMS May'15 Rank - 213

I joined the ADrPLEXUS combo test series. I found its test series to be an exclusive one and extremely useful especially for PGI since no other coaching Centre targets this exam in the south. In other discussions too all faculty helped me formulate methods to approach questions in a smart and time saving approach. 


PGI Nov'14 Rank - 14

AIIMS Nov'14 Rank - 588​​​​​​​

The most student friendly coaching institute I have come across. Adrplexus PGI mock test is how a mock test should be. It throws a near perfect simulation of real exam and makes PGI exam feel no new. Mock tests helped me to manage my time well in exam. Ques from patho surgery and pharmac in the mock tests were too good.


PGI Nov'14 Rank - 17 

Just like the fuel for vehicle, ADr plexus energizes pg aspirants before exams….the mock tests and classroom coaching target may-nov PGI is of great help and a perfect


NIMHANS Nov'14 Rank - 5

Awesome. Coaching programme helped me streamline my neuro preparation


PGI Nov'14 Rank - 9

AIIMS Nov'14 Rank - 33​​​​​​​

ADrPlexus helped me work out a strategy for the PGI paper through their mock pgi exams, which was essential for my preparation.

Dr KARTHIK R​​​​​​​ 

AIIMS Nov'14 Rank - 31

JIPMER Nov'14 Rank - 6​​​​​​​

I had taken the ADr plexus test series for PGI exams and I felt it helped me a lot to get oriented to the PGI pattern. It also helped me plan my time management. 


PGI Nov'14 Rank - 7

AIIMS Nov'14 Rank - 6​​​​​​​

I wrote ADrPlexus mock exams they were awesome helped me a lot

Dr SUMANTH​​​​​​​ 

PGI Nov'14 Rank - 70

I wrote adrplexus mock exams they were awesome helped me a lot


PGI Nov'14 Rank - 3

JIPMER Nov'14 Rank - 29​​​​​​​

I wrote ADrPlexus mock exams they were awesome helped me a lot

Dr RAJATH S O​​​​​​​ 

PGI Nov'14 Rank - 21

JIPMER Nov'14 Rank - 211​​​​​​​

The test papers were of the same difficulty level as in the exam & the explanations were precise. It helped me to cover important topics in a short span of time.

Dr AJAY. S​​​​​​​ 

PGI Nov'15 Rank - 8

AIIMS Nov'15 Rank - 272​​​​​​​

Nice center…..known Arun sir for the past 5 yrs…..he was MD Pharmacology Asst Prof…..he was the one who Brainwashed me into preparing for PGI.


AIPGMEE Rank - 308

ADrPlexus Helped alot. The tables and flow which are their in their test series are awesome great. Easy to compile. Pgi test series is awsum thanks alot Adrplexus


PGI May'15 Rank - 10

AIIMS May'15 Rank - 5​​​​​​​

ADr plexus test series are an excellent platform for aiims and pgi preparation. The questions cover both new and old questions and practising the tests help in training yourself for the final exam. Also the assesment is accurate. 

Dr Santhosh Kumar 

PGI May'14 Rank - 23

ADrPlexus is the right decision I have taken at the right time.U get the best here. I my view, to pass through the gates of PGIMER, u should have the ticket given by ADrPlexus.

Dr Satish.S.N​​​​​​​ 

PGI May'14 Rank - 48

It is a nice coaching centre which guides you in all aspects for your preparation and for all type of exams…they are the only people who train you for one of the complex exam pattern in pgi…

Dr Bharath Chhabria​​​​​​​ 

PGI May'14 Rank - 09

ADrPLEXUS offers comprehensive and detailed study material for pgi pattern of examination. The pgi mock exams simulate the real exams to a great extent. Tips and questions provided in each of the exams helped me understand how exactly the real exam would be and helped me formulate a strategy to tackle the exam. I am really grateful to adrplexus for that.

Dr Santhakumar​​​​​​​ 

AIPGMEE Nov'14 Rank - 122

ADr plexus test series were really good and it was quite helpful especially to assess our standard while preparing for exam. I felt they are definitely needed and even mandatory to improve our ranks.


AIPGMEE Nov'14 Rank - 136

JIPMER Nov'14 Rank - 67​​​​​​​

ADr plexus is really good for time management especially PGI, & CBT MOCK gave me an real exam environment, so that time management was a not a problem at all and the rank which I got in mock CBT was more or less equal to AIPGMEE. Thanks to ADR plexus for being a part of my success Thank god, now i will get MD general medicine


AIPGMEE Nov'14 Rank - 134

I attended ADr Plexus Test Series and found it good enough. The subjectwise test series was how I arranged my study schedule. The AIIMS, PGI, AIPG Mock test helped me in time management, and to get the feel of exam as it was on OMR for PGI and CBT for the rest.

Dr Murugesan​​​​​​​ 

AIPGMEE Nov'14 Rank - 34

I took ADrPlexus mock tests series.It was very useful,as it helps in time management.Anyone who aspires for PGI should definitely take those tests

Dr ATIT.A.D​​​​​​​ 

PGI Nov'14 Rank - 02

ADr tests are something every student aiming for pgi must write in order to aquaint himself for the pattern and topics. Adr's test are very close to actual pgi test pattern. Adr makes the complex pattern of exam easy

Dr Namrata​​​​​​​ 

PGI May'13 Rank - 27


I owe this rank to ADr plexus and Arun sir.. It served as a beacon for students lost in the sea of knowledge. Best classes were of Rakesh sir, Harikrishna sir, Sibu George sir


NIMHANS June'13 Rank - 01


ADr Plexus is an extremely student friendly institute. The program for NIMHANS was brilliant, it laid down a solid foundation on which one can build a good strategy to crack the exam. 

Dr Aarthi 

PGI Nov'13 Rank - 16


It is a nice coaching centre which guides you in all aspects for your preparation and for all type of exams…they are the only people who train you for one of the complex exam pattern in pgi…

Dr. Abhijit Vipul

JIPMER Nov'13 Rank - 51


ADrPlexus is the best coaching for pgi & jipmer exam..n also best one to give authentic n timely information about everything related to A preparation..its A test series is just superb n gives the real feel of pgi exam

Dr. E.Elamvazhuthi

AIPGMEE Nov'13 Rank - 02


ADrPlexus really helped me a lot in preparattion and it Helped me to figure out where i Stand and ADrPlexus Test series was very similar to the real exam

Dr. Kanimozhi T​​​​​​​

JIPMER Nov'13 Rank - 11


I joined TARGET JIPMER after seeing their dedication in guiding PG aspirants in FB. It helped me to revise the right things during my last few wks of preparation.

Dr. Rajarajan​​​​​​​

JIPMER Nov'13 Rank - 1

ADr PLEXUS is a wonderful institute which tries its best to sensitize the students to the differing patterns of various exams. I attended the PGI crash course and took the JIPMER mock tests conducted by them. The mock tests simulated very much the final exam (in fact a handful of questions and topics asked in the mock tests came in the exam).

Dr. Vikrant Choubey

AIPGMEE Nov'13 Rank - 144


Since the time I started preparing for PG, I had always focused on subject-wise volumes and would make notes of topics I thought were difficult to remember and conceptualize. And I would refer Harrison’s, Robbin’s and Katzung and add up more points to my notes so that I don’t have to bother about going through the whole text again.

Dr. Sridhar

PGI Nov'13 Rank - 13


My success in pgi almost belongs to ADrplexus 5 pgi test series ….it taught me how to manage time, how to answer and how to leave options…..thanks a lot..!!!

Dr. Arjun Rajan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

PGI Nov'13 Rank - 40


One thing I can confidently say about writing a PGI exam is that I was never hard pressed for time. And credit for this goes to the ADr PGI mock exams. The first mock test that I wrote, I was not able to complete the paper. But as I progressed through the mock exams, I learnt to manage time well.

Dr. Raghav Rao​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

PGI Nov'13 Rank - 15


Trust me, i owe a huge part of my success in PGI to them. post NEET i wasn’t studying well and then i came across JIPMER mock exams postal series and enrolled for it and i got 216 and that really gave me some confidence and then decided to enroll for TARGET may pgi course and i secured 50.

Dr. RAKESH​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

NIMHANS June'12 Rank - 04


I got to know about adrplexus coaching for Nimhans from my friends, my roommate, I straight away planned of joining it . Classes were very well planned for NIMHANS exam Got a very good background about neuro related topics.

Dr. Venketa Krishnan

PGI Nov'12 Rank - 04


Joining ADr plexus really turned my preparation around. I really learnt both ‘what to study’ and ‘how to study’ here. So many toppers and friends have found the intensive nature of the course and the interactive nature of the classes most enjoyable. It was a real pleasure to sit through classes held by professors who teach here.

Dr. Gopinath​​​​​​​

AIIMS Nov'12 Rank - 13


It is a nice coaching centre which guides you in all aspects for your preparation and for all type of exams…they are the only people who train you for one of the complex exam pattern in pgi…they have the best teachers for all the subjects which is very impressive.

Dr. Abhinaya​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

PGI Nov'11 Rank - 02


This is the only institution that conducts PGI type of model exams. All the question are changed in same way that it is not easy to blindly answer from repeats, you have really think a lot the amount of effort that goes into the setting of rach and every question of each and every paper test paper is beyond what words can describe , 

Dr. S Arun Kumar

NIMHANS JULY'10 Rank - 04


I got this place as on one of the crucial moments of life & as a guide to steer my haphazard preps into an organized one. Almost all Faculties of ADrPlexus are from Kottayam who are the best Professors for PG Medical Entrance Coaching in INDIA.Each and Every Class is on par with already well established centres.

Dr. R.Karthik​​​​​​​

PGI Nov'10 Rank - 29


I wrote a couple of ADrPlexus PGI mock exams, and they went a long way in helping me finish the paper on time, which I could not do in the may pgi exam. It also highlighted some of the important topics which we generally tend to miss.

Dr. M. Ranjith Kumar​​​​​​​

PGI Nov'10 Rank - 06​​​​​​​


We were expecting if ever any institute would conduct PGI mock exams .ADrPlexus came in for rescue . every one should write ADrPlexus mock before PGI to conquer the exam.

Dr. M. Navinath

PGI Nov'10 Rank - 03


First , I would like to thank my parents , teachers , friends and God Almighty for helping me reach my target of getting a seat in a central institute. I should also thank ADrPlexus for their excellent mock tests which helped me to assess my progress throughout my PG Preparation. The questions were close

Dr. Ajay Padmanaban​​​​​​​

PGI Nov'10 Rank - 52


ADrPlexus Must be applauded for launching PGI model exams. During the exam I realized that I had missed a no of ‘except’ in questions and gave me an introduction.

Dr. V.Baskaran​​​​​​​

PGI Nov'10 Rank - 04


CRACKING PGI Entrance exam is all about few basic things – Hardwork ( Minimum 10 – 12 hours / day for 6 Months ) and strategy which includes 1.Time management 2. Being realistic will prevent you from getting dejected often 

Dr. Inthulan Thiraviraj

PGI Nov'10 Rank - 99


I attended ADrPlexus PGI MOCK exam and that was the first paper I attended in PGI format.It helped me a lot to develop the speed and to know the way of attending the real PGI Paper. The standard of questioning in ADrPlexus Mock exams paralleled with that of the actual NOV PGI Paper. 

Dr. Karthik K

PGI Nov'10 Rank - 01


The PGI mock tests held at ADrPlexus were of immense help to me. The questions were in tune with the current trend. They helped me in formulating a strategy which was crucial to the exam.

Dr. Sabari Krishnan ​​​​​​​

PGI May'11 Rank - 07


ADrPlexus is the only institute in India conducting PGI Mock Exams which helped me to finish the paper 15 minutes before the exam. ADrPlexus test series tuned me and gave a fine brush up before the exam.

Dr. Raj Santan


JIPMER Nov'13 Rank - 59


I thank ADrplexus arun sir for his concern and encouraging words...wrote 4 jipmer mock exams by adrplexus, they were useful... read target jipmer book by adrplexus ,which was very useful, had many repeats from this book in last jipmer exam